Commanding Officer of F221 "Regele Ferdinand" Frigate

Captain (N)
Marian IOAN
(2016 -)

Captain (N) Marian Ioan was born in Roşiori de Vede – Teleorman, on the 06th of May 1972.
He is a graduate of the No. 2 Industrial Highschool, Mangalia and of the "Mircea cel Bătrân" Naval Academy which he attended between 1990-1995.

His first assignment has been as the Commanding Officer of the 65 Torpedo Launcher Speedboat, followed by Navigation Officer on the 190 Fast Atack Boat.
His military education development started with the participation at the Commanding Officer`s Advanced Course in the year 2000. After it`s graduation, he was assigned as XO of the 194 Fast Attack Boat and Staff Operations and Combat Training Officer at the Fast Attack Boat Squadron.
After the graduation of the Staff Course at the Naval Academy, in 2004, he was assigned as Navigator in the first crew of the "Regina Maria" frigate, based on his professional experience.
He attended the development courses for type 22 frigates crew, in Great Britain, 2005. In 2007, he graduated the Master`s Degree in "Management and marketing transportation, harbours, free zones and stocks", being assigned as the Commanding Officer of 188 Fast Attack Boat.
In 2008, he graduated "Staff Course College – Navy" at the Navy War College – USA. After the graduation of this course, he was promoted as XO "Regele Ferdinand" frigate. He completed this assignment in 01.08.2016, when he was named as Commanding Officer of "Regele Ferdinand" frigate.
Between 2009 and 2012, he organised and managed the Navigation Officers Course at the Navy Training School and between 2011 and 2016 he was scholarship instructor for the Base Course, Advanced Course and Staff Course, being permanently involved in the military education development of the young officers.
He graduated the commanding course "Management of the resources of defence for commanding personnel" in 2011.
He participated at the international exercises Nato/PfP "Cooperative Partner" in 1997 and "Cooperative Jaguar" in 2003. Regarding NATO operations, he participated at Operation "Active Endeavour" in 2006 and 2010, Operation "Unified Protector" in 2011 and Operation "Sea Guardian" in 2017. Under EU Command, he participated at Operation "Atalanta" in 2012.
During his career, he was awarded the NATO Medal "Article 5", Honorific Emblem "Service in the Armed Forces" – third class, Insignia "Participant in foreign missions", Honor Title of "Veteran".
For special results during activities with NATO ships, he received from the Admiral`s Club the "Officer of the year Prize" in 2016.
He is married with Carmen-Mirela who works as an economist and has one daughter, Anne-Marie.
He speaks fluent English.