Chief of the River Component of the Naval Operational Headquarters

Gheorghe  DRAGOMIR

    Captain Gheorghe DRAGOMIR was born on November 19th 1952 in Rușavățu, Buzău County and he attended a civilian system of education until 1969. After that year he attended the classes of the “Ștefan cel Mare” Military Highschool in Câmpulung Moldovenesc and during 1971-1975 he went to the “Mircea cel Bătrân” Maritime Institute. After he graduated, he was appointed first officer on one of the armored ships of the 94th Armored River Boat Squadron of the 24th River Brigade.
    After graduating the High Military Studies Academy, Services Faculty (1984-1986) in Bucharest, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the 88th Mineswee per River Boat Squadron within the 27th River-Maritime Brigade.
   In 1987 he was assigned as a Mobilization Office Head of the 24th River Brigade Heaadquarters where he worked until 1994. Starting that year, consecutively, he had several positions such as: operations office head, operation and training department head, chief of staff and deputy of commandant of the Flotilla Headquarters until 2005.
    On April 1st 2005 he was appointed chief of the River Component within The Naval Operational Headquarters.
    In 1997 he attended and graduated the postgraduate course “The Management of the Major Operational Units” within the Management and Staff College and in 2001 the postgraduate course “The Improvement of Strategic Management” within the Superior Staff College.
    In 2001 he was decorated with the National Order “Military Merit” at the rank of a chevalier.
   Captain Gheorghe DRAGOMIR is married and he has two children.